samedi 15 mars 2014


                      "ANALLY CHALLENGED"
                        Featuring Mistress Michaela
Gosh! When an Ebony Mistress meets a white slutty slave! He will be very humiliated! Good strap on scene! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
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                           "MISTRESSES IN CONTROL"
              Featuring Mistress Anuska & Mistress Athéna
The both Mistresses will have good fun with three lucky slaves! We guaranty very good humiliation and severe treatments! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY.
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                                                   "MILITARY DRILLING"
                                    Featuring the Huntress
Who dreams to fall kneeled down at the Huntress feet Myself! Gotta have some strange shivers!... Look at her in this latex Military Uniform and abusing her slave! You can have a look on this FREE VIDEO TRAILER AND PICS GALLERY...
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