samedi 4 avril 2015

Laurent Lebeau Art

                      The latest artwork by Laurent Lebeau 
                "TESSERACT in NAGOYA" 
Being artist is not a so easy life! Laurent Lebeau is back on the Art scene and gives is creativity to the BDSM scene! In fact, he is preparing his next artshow in Nagoya JAPAN (after a good 5 years of silence). Next JUNE 14th to 18th at Stylish SM Bar - Nagoya. 
Laurent is ready to release some repro copies on very limited series! Each copy will be signed, will hold a number of series and the owner will get a certificat of authenticity! 
 That will be a great help to provide funds to travel  exhibit his art
 Need more info or simply order your copy...
                                                 CLICK HERE   

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