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                  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Romania is a country rich of history. This is the big meeting between two ethnies and two landscapes. The Carpathian high mountains is a paradox with the rest of the country and gives the image of Romania half nostalgic and half mystical. Given famous for the legendary and nevertheless existing Vlad Drakul who tried to stop the ottoman invasion. The famous Conte got a very sad reputation for his bloody cruelty. He was surnamed Vlad the Empalor. The legend will say he pactised with the Evil after the death of his wife and he became vampire. Some people will say Drakul was a family link with the other famous cruel Erzebeth Bathory. In fact; All along the history, Romania got many other influences from France and we can easily notice it when we wandering Bucarest streets. At the beginning of 20th century, Bucharest was called „Little Paris“. French influence was so strong that the higher class people adopted French as their „official language“.

Now Romania becomes a part of the Sheingen space. The country crossed many years of communisme control until the revolution of 1989.

Bucarest is an amazing city with imposing and rich architecture which recall the history. This the the city where grew up another dark creature behalf the shadow of Vlad Drakul. A female one called Mistress Ezada Sinn.

When we meet the character, We deeply understand she has get power and real charism which make fall many men on their knees.

Mistress Ezada Sinn is a cruel Goddess with a little Gothic aspect. We will say any Van Helsing or other Vampire hunter will surrender for sure!

How to describe Mistress Ezada Sinn. She has long dark hair, a severe visage and dark eyes. She is not so tall but her presence is really imposing. When we cross her beauty, we easily bend our eyes as she got that natural dominant power within her and we can easily read it in her eyes.

She has started to be a Pro Dominatrix for a good ten years now. She gained reputation by modeling on several BDSM video producers. The dark haired Romanian Dominatrix has suddnely wears her black winds and wandered on some prestigeous place like OWK, in the U.K and Germany to give her charismatic image to the camera and where many devoted slaves fell between her cruel hand.

I confess, being in front her and interviewing her, I will use a trembling voice as her dominance is really huge and imposing!

For Bottom up she has answered my questions. It was a magical and emotional moment...

­Mistress Ezada Sinn... How did you noticed you have that passion for Female Domination?

Thinking back that has started when I was still very young. As long as I can think back I had these strong and arousing phantasies about being admired, adored, worshipped. Even as a little girl.

My passion for real Femdom then awoke at the same time when my sexuality did. It was only that i did not realize that from the start. I just felt that there was something missing when I was together with a man and exploring the new world of sex. Then I realized that I felt much more pleasure and satisfaction when dominating, hurting and teasing men. That was when I was still in my teenage years.

­And when did you get your first experience as Dominatrix?

My first real Dominatrix appearances I had in the OWK. I had experienced BDSM long before but in the OWK everything came together for the first time and it fit so well. The whipping, the slaves, the domination, the leather... Oh, it was beautiful, I still have the warmest recollections about this.

­What do you feel when you have a slave in hand?

I feel power, superiortiy, supremacy. The more slavish he is, the more superior I will feel.

­When we usually see you, you are wearing leather, mostly of the time...Is it your favorite material... Why?

Leather means power. Wearing the skin of an animal transforms the person who wears it into a hunter. I have a very strong fetish for leather. It´s  sight, the smell, the touch. It makes Me feel powerful, strong and beautiful.

But even though I love leather, I also like to see myself in other outfits. Fur, satin sometimes and lately definetly also Latex.

­ Are you feeling more Amazon, or more Disciplinarian?

I do not really know how to differentiate between the two. I see myself as a female Supremacist. As a woman who tellls men what to do, a woman who executes power over men, a woman who will only accept men around her that see their sole purpose in serving and pleasing her. You may decide yourself  how you want to call this.

­We can notice you are an excellent slave trainer... Is it important for you? And how do you train a novice slave?

Yes it is important, very important. My slaves have to learn My rules and abide strictly  to them. For example there is a set of commands for different poses of the slaves: Waiting position, Present chastity, Punishment position and so on.

These commands can be given by me orally or also by a handsign. I have called the collection of these commands „The Manual“ and also published it on my website. You should have a look there if you do not know this already. Every slave has to learn how to follow these commands precisely by heart. Every deviation will be punsihed strictly. I am a great fan of formal protocol when it comes to slaves...

The first three rules that every slave will learn before even meeting me are „Do not look at Me without permission. Do not touch Me without permission. Do not talk without permission.“ Then it will be the positions, he will learn how to walk on my left and half a step behind Me and so on. There is much to learn for new slaves. It is a bit like when they join the army. They enter into a world of commands and obedience with its own rules that have to be learned, trained and followed. The effort of learning and following the rules is a proof of obedience.

­I can imagine you should have a strong demand from male slaves. How do you recruit them for session.

(Laughing) Oh, there is no real need for recruitment. They line up in long queues everywhere I go.

­Do you force them into sissification?

Sometimes I do even though this is not my favourite type of play. It centers too much on the male and his affectations. I prefer that it is me and what I do and feel that the session is all about.

­And Forced age regression... I mean AB/DL... If so, tell me more...

Not really, for the same reason. I am not their Mummy. I am their owner.

­What is you favorite punishment toy?

Ah, different toys I love to play with. If I had to chose one, I´d pick the single tail whip. But I have also got a collection of beautiful riding crops that I really like. The more luxurious, the better.

­Do you have personal slave? What do you require for a slave wanting to be your personal one?

Yes, I do have a personal slave and I even took him as my husband this spring. Besides him there are a few others that I would also consider as personal. Not many though. It is not easy to become My slave and maybe even more difficult to remain in that state of grace.

What I expect from my slaves is simple total obedience and servitude. My husband slave had to give up his complete personal life to be prepared to serve only Me constantly and without any distraction. This is how I understand slavehood.

­Do you have a best memory since your Dominatrix career began?

I am constantly exploring exciting new things and do not look back to the past too much. There is still so much ahead of me that I am looking forward too. If I had to name one memory from th past I think this would be my OWK sessions. This was really a dream come true and I am working on reviving this Femdom paradise but in My own special way.

­And the worst one?

I never experienced very bad sessions (I agree with a meeting only after many emails exchanged; I make sure his fantasies are complementary to Mine and he understands exactly what to expect). However, I remember the most boring session ever – with a guy who does not speak English or Romanian and he wanted to session wih Me for 48 hours. He was using „Google translate“ for the emails so I discovered only after I met him he can’t understand Me at all. Since now I use „The Manual“ I am sure a situation like this can’t happen again.

­Do you believe in a Gyno­Supremacy World? If yourself you will get the opportunity to create a Gynarchic world, how do you see it.

Oh yes absolutely. The realization of Femdom Supremacy will not come by itself. We have to do something about it and I for sure will. It will take a million of small steps to go all the way. For example my Femdom Summer Camp that will take place in Portugal this September. This will be a venue where dominant women will come together to enjoy themselves and to be served by several slaves. Not an extended Pro-Domme session but an event for the fun and enjoyment of the women.

My ultimate goal for my personal life is what I call Polyandry House. This will be a mansion where I will live together with two or three of my slaves, visited by even more that are worthy of that privilege. A meeting point for supreme women. A place in which only the female will is of relevance. And the men will find their place and true vocation in their service to us.

­Are you into humiliation? How do you humiliate your subject?

Yes I am. Humiliation is important to show the slave his true place, to constantly remind him of his submission. And it is big fun for me. There are a million ways of humiliation. I love to humiliate in public. Especially when I have a shy slave with me. It is so arousing to make everybody witness what he really is. Applying shocks to him with an electrified cock ring in the subway for example is  nice. Or speaking with the girls sitting next table in a restaurant about the slaves chastity cage as if he wasn´t there at all. Oh, I could go on and on with this.

­You travel a lot for video shooting. Do you love acting in front a camera? What do you feel when you are acting?

I love to be in front of the camera but I would not call this „acting“. Maybe that has something to do with my inborn exhibitionistic trait. I think that the camera loves Me. And the filming is of course a perfect tool to spread my work and thoughts globally without having to go everywhere Myself. When a filmed session goes well I can also completely forget about the filming and just indulge in the action.

­I can notice you love to play during fetish parties. So, you love to exhibit your slaves i guess...

Yes I do. In fact I am proud of My slaves, of their obedience, their submission. And I love to show their devotion to others.

What's going on when you play with slave in public?

Well that depends very much on the level of strictness of anti-obscenity legislation in the respective location (laughs). In Dubai for example their will be less noticeable action than in Berlin. However I do not want to confront people with My lifestyle who are not into it. I do not want to make anyone an audience without being asked. Well... just a little bit maybe.

Electric play is one of my favourites when in public. Because I can so wonderfully go from zero to one hundred  and back again in just the fraction of a second. The guy who seemed to be a decent and handsome gentleman a moment ago suddenly turned into a gasping creature all shook up by uncontrollable spasms. Oh, I love this.

­ Are you sessioning in a private dungeon?

Yes of course. I have a private studio in Bucharest but as My activities get more and more international I hardly use this any more for sessions nowadays. There now is a network of private dungeons over the whole of Europe where I do sessions. However I am currently planning to bring My work to a next level. It is too early to talk about this in detail now. Stay tuned to My blog and twitter for more news to come soon.

­ What is your favorite roleplay?

There is no roleplay, no gap between My personality and My actions. I am the despotic 18h century Russian duchess who stands above the law. I am the 19th century American Southern Belle with the ferocious whip feared by
the slaves in her possession. I am the cruel guard in the black
uniform with a man-hunting German shepherd on her leash.

­Do you have other passions in the life, related to BDSM or not?

Well BDSM sure is a big part of My life but for sure not the only one. I love to travel and to see new places and countries. I am very much interested in history, I love to go hiking in a wonderful landscape.

Are you mentoring other Dominant Ladies?

At this point in time I am not really mentoring others, I have a lot of good friends in the scene who are wonderful Mistresses in their own right. My plans however go beyond that. I want to establish more contact to young Ladies who stand at the beginning of their careers and maybe think about how to best get into that. Talented female supremacists who are just discovering within themselves what I have discovered many years ago. I think I could share some experiences and insights with them to make their way easier.

And I will also intensify My work as a producer of Femdom clips and films. I want to promote talented Dominatrices. So if there are female readers out there who find the idea of working together with Me appealing, don´t hesitate to get in touch with Me.

­If I was naughty with you by questonning and interviewing you, What you will do with me?

Probably I would just terminate the interview session.

Do you have any project in the near future?

As I have said already, I am very much looking forward to the Femdom Summer Camp now. And there is an ever bigger project on the way that will be disclosed later.

­To conclude that interview, do you have something to tell to our readers?

Live what you are, life is short. Do not let your inhibitions overcome your true vocation.

Thank you very Much Mistress Ezada, for answering.

Your most welcome, thank you for the interesting questions.

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