vendredi 30 septembre 2016

Back to Europe! Preparing Bottom Up magazine "Special Japan"

                     BACK to EUROPE!
           Preparing Bottom Up Magazine 
                       "Special Japan" 
 That was a wonderful trip into the Sunrise Country! and we have met fabulous people! That "Special Japan" next issue will be very promising and rich of kinky published stuff! 
We got a nice touch with Domina Rika of the oriental Bondage Bar Augone! We also met a delicious artist under the name of Botan Ayame and we will reserve some pages for her gorgeous artworks & photography
We also made an immersion into the world of Manga "Cosplay" and got fun into that amazing "Maid Bar"...
Coming soon!!!

Ms Pandora BLAKE - England
Yes, I will have a short trip to England next month to meet the enigmatic and well etablished Pandora Blake. More than a spankee and a spanker, she is also a strong activist and defenser of our kinky and erotic sexuality ! That's why we should give her our pages in our further issue! She is on the lead of Dreams of Spanking website! Have a look! 

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