mardi 31 juillet 2012

samedi 28 juillet 2012


                                "WHO'S THE BOSS"

                                       Featuring Mistress Arella 

Somptueous Mistress Arella IS!!! The Boss, she gotta prove it with her new employee! Boot fetish lovers, will love that video clip. If you wwant to see the full video, please 

mercredi 25 juillet 2012


                          "A Night in the Compound part 1" 

                   Featuring Mistress Lexi and Mistress Sidonia 


Being a slave in the Compound is not easy! We cannot sleep well, we are encaged outside and Mistresses can come to pick you anytime to torture you! That great video clip will give you an idea!!! CLICK ON THE BANNER below to see much more!!!

                    FEMME FATALE!!! FREE VIDEO CLIP 

                                      "THE CONFESSION PART 2" 

                                   featuring Mistress Vixen 
Slave must confess his sins! The same tall blond Goddess knows to make talk him with her crop!
The video is featuring the stunning Mistress Vixen! Pretty soon, we will display the part 3 of this severe, cruel and so exciting video! 

                                       THE ENTIRE FILM IS AVAILABLE THERE Click Bellow 

mardi 24 juillet 2012

               BOTTOM UP Magazine is now Affiliate of 

                                The ENGLISH MANSION

             FREE VIDEO CLIP SAMPLES on the following links!!!

We can say The English Mansion is the Number 1 on FEMALE DOMINATION Video production. For many years, they have updated their well renamed website with Gigas of high quality videos and they let perfom La creme de la Creme of Dominatrix. We can mention Mistress Lexi (See pic above) or again Mistress Sidonia. For near 10 years, many Mistresses has perfomed on REAL BDSM videos and we cannot be surprised of their conciderable success... We offer a good range of video clips to give you a large view on their work. Click on the following 3 links to access the Photo gallery and near 6 long video clips 

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                FEMME FATALE VIDEO 

                                     "The Confession" 


A wonderfull video clip we really enjoy to watch and watch again! This is a pure Domination scene. A slave is questioned, and get punished by this tall Blonde Mistress! For sure you will love the entire video

                                            FULL VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE: 
                                                            FEMME FATALE

                     FEMME FATALE FILM NEWS...

                     Get on your knees and watch that video clip!!! 

                                                      "MISTRESS ARELLA BAD DAY"
                          Mistress Arellas is very upset. She spent a very hard day and her mood is
                         very bad! Her slave will be the way to calm her nerves! He is already 
                          suspended for punishment! The flogger will talk more than herself!!! 
                                  To watch the complete video and many other, click there: 
                                                        FEMME FATALE VIDEO
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Bottom Up Magazine is monthly publication, but our blog will be frequently updated! 

Sissy Maids at work should understand Mistress can have fun anytime! This 
videoclip  well show you the case! The entire film is available