samedi 31 août 2013


                          WHIPS A SLAVE"
Watch this naked slave tiep up on St Andrw cross and get strictly whipped by a stunning Blond Dominatrix! You can have a view on that FREE GREAT GALLERY 
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                            "FOOD FOR THE WHIP"

It is a such big punishment in the red Dungeon. This film features a good whipping scene on a slave tied up and get lashed on the St Andrew Cross by this stunning blond Dominatrix. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY 
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                             "THE LAZY SLAVE"
A slave is caught being lazy and forgetting he is normally there to do his chores! Watch that excellent film! The punishment is awesome! The stunning dark haired Mistress will severely cane her slave until the tears! Have a view on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY
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                         "BOOTS SLAVE TRAINING"
"Be my boots slave and feel the power of my cane!!!". I am pretty sure you will hurry to obey and learn good when you will be under control of that gorgeous blond Mistress! You will discover it on this generous FREE PIC GALLERY
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                       "EXTREME SADISTIC GIRLS"
It is not easy for a slave to be controlled and get punished by two very sadistic Ladies who will have good fun my giving hard pain to that slave! You will discover it by watching that
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samedi 24 août 2013


                       "THREE LADIES AND SOUNDS"
                 Featuring Mistress Ava Black and her friends

Mistress Ava Black on her visit in berlin. Together with Herrin Black Diamoond and her friend she do a session in the dungeon of her friends. Herrin Black Diamoond show how she use the cock of her slave for some cock inspection with big sounds and at the end the slave can have his cumshot for the ladies. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                             "THE SLAVE CORSET"
                            Featuring Mistress Akina

Watch how Mistress Kiana put her Slave in a tight Corset, use a Chastity for his Cock, play with some Clamps on his Nipples and at the End she put his Head between her strong Legs. You will this FREE PREVIEW VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY 
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                              "TWO PAIN SLUTS"
                           Featuring Lady Natalie Black

Lady Natalie has two pain slaves to deal with and more than manages to make them both suffer at her cruel hands. You will discover it on this FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                        "THE ANAL SLAVE & THE TV"
                           Featuring Lady Natalie Black

Lady Natalie Black have a beautiful Assistent, a lovely Sissy Maid and her Anal Bitch for some Anal Play. He will get prepared Anal with a huge Dildo and the Natalie will have a big Pleasure to Fist his Arse. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                            "SESSION WITH SUKI"
                              Featuring Mistress Suki

Lucky Slave! Be dominated by a such a nice and stunning Mistress! This film is featuring good foot worship and excellent humiliation. You can have a FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
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                   "MARRIAGE MORTIFICATION"
                    Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Get married with a Dominant Lady is not an easy task for a slave! Especially when you may honnour a very stunning and demanding wife! You will see this on that FREE PREVIEW VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
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                             "ANAL FUCK SLUT"
                          Featuring Mistress Krush

Slaves are always good to be used for servitude, but for pleasure too! The strict and gorgeous brunette Mistress Krush loves to fuck slave for her excitation! You can have a view on that FREE PREVIEW VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
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                        "LICK MY LOUBOUTINS"
                      Featuring Mistress Yuliya Kate

Get trained by this stunning Blond Dominatrix. She will command and control you how to use your tongue to devote and serve! FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
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                        "THE RIDING MISTRESS"
                        Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

The most famous Mistress of Femme Fatale is an excellent Dominatrix! This time she will explain you how she trains and uses ponyboy like you! One politic! Training and riding Under riding crop!
Have a view on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY!
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mercredi 7 août 2013

I would like to thank the good 30.000 Visitor on my Blog! That for the magazine the promise of a nice coming soon success, thanks people like you! Hundred FEMDOM VIDEOCLIPs and many other exciting informations have been published! Yes! It is not so easy! I got a lot of difficutlies to find right partners and contributors, but the paper and online magazine will be soon published and available! IT IS ON THE GOOD WAY ;-)
                         Thanks for your trust and support! I can only thank you!!!
                                          Laurent LEBEAU Editor

                                "GYNO GUMMY GIMP"
               Featuring Mistress Lola and Mistress Eleise de Lacy
When a pathetic slave is submitted to a indiscreet and humiliating genyco examination! The both blond Mistresses will have a lot of fun for sure!!! Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                                "SHINNY BOOT SLAVE"
                                 Featuring Mistress Jézabel
The best dutie a slave must do for his Mistress! That awesome red haired Dominatrix loves to have her boots really shinning and she will use the tongue of her personal slave to do it. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP PREVIEW & GALLERY
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                           "PEGGED FOR PUNISHMENT"
                         Featuring Mistress Rebekka Rayner

A nice film from Femme Fatale, the stunning brunette Mistress is torturing her slave tied up and immobilized in the Wheel! Between teasing and pain! Have a look on that awesome FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                                     "TUG OF BALLS"
   Featuring Mistress Eleise de lacy and Mistress Rebekka Taylor
That a true balls torture video. Both Mistress get Lucky to have two slaves for their own fun. You will see how they can leash slaves by the balls and play with them... FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                               "STRAP PN TRAINING"
                 Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy & Miss Steel

Mistress Eleise de Lacy invites her friend Miss Steel to use and abuse her slave! Poor Lucky male creature! He will be humiliated and fucked for the own fun of the both Mistresses! Have a look on that FREE PREVIEW & GALLERY
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