The BDSM Venues Report

                            THE BDSM VENUES REPORT

                LA DOMAINE ESEMAR
                                        NY UPSTATE - USA
                                The Informal Château

Can we say La Domaine Esemar is the best Fetish BDSM place in the World? My answer would definitely be yes! Not because I am a part of their said "Family", but because this is the place where we totally live our fantasies without shame and we meet such interesting involved people from all fourth corners of the planet.
Twenty Years of existence, experience and very nice adventure! La Domaine Esemar has gained one of the biggest reputations in the BDSM Circle for the real lovers of pure BDSM games. When we cross the door of the property, we can easily feel comfortable, thanks to the warmest welcome of its owner.
La Domaine was created by Master R and “The Madame" twenty years ago! Master R, a musician and writer, wanted to create a place in a discreet area where he and The Madam could live BDSM in the lifestyle.
I know the story of Master R! I can say he has experienced many aspects of BDSM and that his ultra-cultured spirit makes him a very interesting and rich person. He has always matter to talk about everything with a nice passion in his eyes.
La Domaine gained reputation little by little as more and more guests from all over the World came to stay at his house.
It is impossible to give an address (And I won't) as it is totally lost in the delicious deep forest somewhere in New York Upstate. Not so far away, lakes are surrounding the place. All is a nice art-frame of green and blue with a point of yellow. One has the feeling we are lost on a peaceful landscape where you can claim mercy, shout like a desperate slave under the whips and the canes and nobody can hear you, excepted some birds, beavers, moose, geese or even curious bears!

When you see the property, nothing says it is hiding a true BDSM heaven inside its walls. Visibly, the main floor has nothing to tell you it's a fetish World. But when you go downstairs, by the way of a red painted corridor and staircases, you will be certainly amazed by the size of the Main Dungeon room in the basement.
 It is fully equipped and people can play all night long. Cages, sofas, black curtains, medical space, nothing is missing to let your imagination wandering with fetish games.

La Domaine,(La D; like we usually say in the family) is always working its quality, treating its guests like rulers. Its door is wide open for any kind of gender and position. You can be Slave, female slave, master, Mistress! No one will stare at you with strange eyes! At La D, you can do which you want, whatever your position. Get naked or not; get collared or hold the crop! Nobody will point at you with a finger! La D is not like a commercial dungeon! It is not a fetish club. This is a BDSM lifestyle place.
I particularly really enjoy the events. Except during the winter, which is really rude in that area, La D frequently offers some all week-end parties where New Yorkers, Americans and overseas people can meet each other and play as they want. Places are of course limited for visitors who want to stay at La D; so some party guests stay at surrounding hotels and come to join the family in the house for the party.

I am pretty sure I never ever seen such quality on the Cuisine and Wines level that La D is offering to the guests! Master R is a great lover of French Wine and he has a good knowledge in oenology! You will taste, and discuss, the most excellent Bordeaux red wine you may ever drink! Let me tell you Master R is a esthetical and epicurean person! It is not a question of luxury; it's because he has a great culture!

The quality is also in the welcoming! It is very important for La Domaine that the guests leave the property with excellent souvenirs of their stays! For sure, dare to ask each of the guest or family member who has experienced a stay at La D, you will see they will tell you the same!
IN addition to the events La Domaine is frequently offering, the dungeon is working hundred percent, mainly with mentoring the neophytes who are really passionate for BDSM! There are not enough fingers on my hands to count the number of Dominatrices, Masters and slaves of the both genders who were mentored by the Master of the House and his Head-Mistress!
During events, some family members are coming to give workshops where we learn to practice shibari and many other forms of bondage. Myself, being a "bottom" I was surprised to be mentored as "Top" and learn the virtue of the whip! I can tell you I have spent delicious moments dealing with a couple of slaves; male and female.
I am pleased to tell you their website has recently been redone. Master R has a new Head-Mistress: I want talk about the stunning, short haired and gorgeous Miss Couple. Miss Couple was formally mentored by La D – from her first slave training on to her present position! She is a hard worker and she is breaking her bones to make the house run at its very best! Of course, Master R really needed such companion to help him promoting La Domaine.

In addition to Miss Couple, La D has some said "House Dommes" as who provide short sessions and training. If you dare to cross the door, you will certainly meet Mistress Magnum or again the stunning brunette Ms Bella Vendetta with her Half Betty Page, half gothic look. Don’t miss Domina Five too! All are specialists in rope games for artistic and well designed bondage!
Other Master are joining the house for the slave male and female. Two of the finest Masters anywhere are their Master Gary and Master Joe.
Of course! Master R is also training and mentoring devoted subjects, with or without the complicity of the Head-Mistress. Master R actually entered into the scene in 1969 as pro sub, then he discovered, ten years later, that he had male dominant tendencies. He founded La Domaine, with The Madame, in 1993. As a writer, he has written for many kink-fetish magazines; his writings and reviews can be read in such famous magazines as Secret Magazine, Marquis and Skin Two.

Of course, both the leaders and the House Dominants give sessions. Their extraordinary slaves are also available. They love initiating novices of all genders and positions. Each experience you will live at La D will be excellent and divine.
I have gone many times to La D! Of course, I am noticing more and more new people are joining the family! I always meet such interesting people with who I share good discussions and games! I always love their exquisite dinners and share with Master R our great passion for the wine and French culture. Each of my stays at La D has been a magical moment; and I really suggest you to dare to put a step into its house!
Like I said before, Master R is a writer. I should say an excellent writer! I got his book "Master: the Unauthorized Biography of Master R" which is like a true confession of many years of BDSM and the kinky lifestyle he lives! I still remain very amazed and surprised by the freedom of his words! When one reads it, it is like Candide and acid in same time! I really invite you to discover that book. It has been called a must-read by many reviewers. It is only available through direct contact with La Domaine. You can read a few excerpts on the La Domaine website.
A great passion for art can be seen at La D: it is not rare to see some interesting artworks and La Domaine is always welcoming talented artist and photographers.
Yes! Definitively! If you really want to discover that place, that is my suggestion! I invite you to contact La Domaine! They will be happy and honored to answer you, and help you even if you never put a step into the fetish BDSM World! Master R and Miss Couple are excellent mentors and I am pretty sure they will erase your inhibition and fears to cross the cap of your fantasy and more... with simplicity and great understanding!
La Domaine have not only Master R and Mistress Couple! In addition to the few other Mistresses and Master I mentioned before, renown Visiting Mistresses and Masters frequently appearing in the House, like the Delicious Asian Mistress Amiko from New York City

 (I sincerely hope to meet her in person) and the talented Robert Dante – the man we call the World's fastest Bull Whip Artist. Other known BDSM personalities, such as the fashion designer The Baroness, and many more other famous BDSM people visit frequently.
You cannot be disappointed! La Domaine will be your true place if you really are into the lifestyle! You could come for a short visit in session, but you come become a total lifestyle servant! Like I said before, La Domaine is not only a Dungeon! It's a true BDSM heaven, a family that loves to live in the lifestyle!
If you want to know more about La D, I strongly suggest you take a complete tour of their awesome website and then contact Master R or the wonderful Head-Mistress Miss Couple! Their contact information can be found on their website:

                                                           By Laurent Lebeau


                   THE BARBAR Bangkok Escapade

8 years!!! 8 years ago I was arrived in Bangkok for my very first time and I saw the Barbar adventure starting in 2006 in Patpong Soi 2! I saw the very first time they opened the door and I remember the club was set on a sole floor with the bar.

8 years later, I am back to the Thai Capital City, half angel, half devil! Like usualy... Bangkok is like a sweet candy we don't want to let it fall.

8 years later, I am back to the Barbar and I can say... Whoooa! That it starts to be a long story of BDSM passions and this venue strongly find find its place in the said Communauty Circle!

BarBar is and will remain the best Fetish Place of all Thailand, I will say all Asia and some of you, who personally knows me, konw I have wandered in some prestigeous places like OWK, Club Doma and of course La Domaine Esemar!

When people begin to comment it is a same place we can find by dozen in Patpong or Sukhumvit areas. I feel suddenly angry! Because BarBar is not like those kind of clubs where everything seems and remains artificial!

BarBar is real!

No! No! and No! The Barbar Bangkok is not like all those clubs!

BarBar is the real antechamber of BDSM! I am pretty sure if you go to this place, you will think very different! Now, it is three floors of rooms, well enough space to play, it's comfortable and the people working there... Fantastic!

The BarBar was created by well fetish BDSM involved people! Once you will cross the door and climb the staircases, I am pretty sure you will feel it.

The decoration is superb. Anywhere candles are reflecting the shadows of the chains, the boots and whips and I particulary love the light. Since its opening. BarBar has gained more and more success because the quality of the club and its open minded working people.

Once you will join the bar, you will see how you could feel into your element! There is no shame to seat in the lounge or near the bar and watching other playing.

Barbar is more than a simple bar club,  you could meet some delicious leathered queens and submissives. It's a place where you could play safely and enjoy. It is not surprising many couples are daring to cross the door of this magical antechamber!

How to describe the venue? It will be hard to say it in few words. But let me try!

It's absolutely 100% BDSM! Purely powerful and divine! The main room is equipped with several cages where you could hear (if you are lucky) some cute little birds singing of pain and pleasure during shows. The bar is really comfortable and you can chill out in the main lounge, sharing a cocktail, a glass of wine or whatever you want.

You can chill out in the dark area and keep your privacy by meeting their lovely Dommes and Submissives. A St Andreas cross, a spanking bench and other eloquant furniture will recall you, you entered into Marquis de Sade or Sacher Masoch kingdom.

This is the ideal place where to meet other relative ones and share your pleasure each other, especially during parties and events. You could witness bondage play, listen the rumours of floggers and canes and feel strange shivers on your shoulders with all your senses arousen.

But let wandering more! A big paradox is created with flashy squared white wall of a medical room where some kinky inspections and nurse play can be done!

Upstairs, The heaven really begin for you! Several thematique rooms and large dungeons are available if you dare to surrender with one or two lovely Dominatrix!

I have tried two of those larger rooms during a photo shooting session, and let me tell you, we really feel that power withing us! This power to surrender like the one to control! The decoration is like a big theatre where we fell good and easy to play!

BarBar has trained many Dommes and Subs, and we should tell you how they were perfectly mentored and trained! The most important thing is: we can feel this BDSM passion on their shinning eyes! And believe me! Once you are under the hands of one of those superb and stunning ladies! You will speak differently next time you will talk about BarBar!

Yes, it's a place where your dream come true! It's the Alpha and the Omega of your deepest fantasy! And you will love to come back again for sure!

Perhaps you will cross the eyes of Mistress Wi, or the stunning presence of Mistress Bua! I am sure you will bend your eyes if you feel comfortable to tell them how you are really submissive in your heart, without shame!

It's so easy to surrender!

How many dominant and submissive ladies can be the first role of your fantasies ? A good twenty I suppose

M... The owner of this place can be proud to have such nice success! Because he deeply respected the main deontology of BDSM and you will feel it in any square inch of the venue!

Can you imagine the BarBar has welcomed more than 20.000 Guests since its opening! M... become the willing victim of his success! And he seems to love that!

Having success, sure! But always with respect for any guests who dared to cross the BarBar door!

Of course! If you are true! Real! Having passion for what you are doing, you can only success!

Barbar has more projects in the near future! As it becomes a REAL LABEL, Pattaya and Phuket are in the focus! We can only whishe the best to BarBar as it deserves the best!

Let me tell you Bottom Up Magazine will help promoting the venue! We will not miss to tlak about its parties and events!

We really thank you M and all it's lovely team for have welcomed me for 8 years now!

I am sure you will dare to come after have read what I am thinking and feeling about Barbar if you plan a little escapade in the city of angels.

                                                    By Laurent Lebeau

have a look on the BarBar official website (click on the banner below ;-)

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