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                       INTERVIEW LAURENT LEBEAU

Usually, lot of magazines like us are publishing Mistresses Interviews! It is rare and unorthodox to dedicate some page to the said "Bottom Side". But this "Bottom", is not a common one! He has given more than twenty years to the Female Dominance scene with his talent. He is a great artist who made a dream a reality for thousands of people around the World with his illustrations and paintings. He is Laurent Lebeau.
It is not necessary to remind you who is Laurent Lebeau. We strongly suggest you to see him on his several websites and publications as he is the founder and owner of Bottom Up Magazine! The team of Bottom Up has gotten him to spill his role and we have interviewed the artist. In the following interview you will discover who he is, what his past works are, and see all the energy he has given to the BDSM scene for many years.

Laurent is not a tall guy, but he has deep blue eyes and a fascinating personality! He keeps a simple mind and enjoys the life as he can. We can say the best way to describe Laurent would be he is an epicurean guy to put it best. Especially for the new up and coming publications of his short stories books and E-Books. We opened our door to the artist and listened as he expressed about this passion we all share for Gyno-Supremacy, BDSM and Fetishes... He spoke about his short illustrated stories, novels and his comics. We can say a lot of ink of coulour are poured since those several years he has dedicated by passion... and Female Dominance...

Bottom Up: Laurent, We notice this is a very long love story for female Domination... Why?

Female Dominance and BDSM is a great passion since I was teenager. Very early, I had attraction both physically and sexually for Top ladies. And I was in my young teens when I had my first experience with a female partner. She was only a year younger than me, but I still remember her name... Tatiana. Everytime I met her, she strongly would excite me by her way to have control of me. She really enjoyed to give me some OTK spanking and I really loved that. I guess inspired by the experience I wanted to draw her and my first time I took a pencil and I illustrated her in a comic. Unbeknownst to me at that point in my life I had just opened the door for a long career of BDSM illustration, and it was Tatiana at that young age I was who had given to me the inspiration.

Bottom Up: And what is this comic about?

Oh, at the time I was a bit confused. I did not have any knowledge about scenario, story boarding, synopsis or stuff like that. My heroine Tatiana was sketched in action in a special institute of Discipline, always wearing her fancy little red dress and getting humiliating subbies with a lot of pleasure. That's all I had, I never finished that comic. My father found the pages later and he seized them. I was so furious, but I kept on with my relationship with Tatiana. However I never showed the page to her. I lost contact with her later as she had moved with her parents and that was it.

Bottom Up: Any other past experiences?

No there was nothing else, until I got my independence and left my parent's home. I still sketched at times briefly some kinky stuff and I really wanted to create comic books. During my Military service, I created a series entitled "The Inexperience Connection". It was the story about two young guys. One of the characters was a guy who was actually brainless, I mean literally one who has a cock at the place of the brain lol. The other one was a true intellectual, he was a timid, dark haired young man wearing glass, you know, the true archetype. As they never get any sexual experiences in their life. They visited a mad doctor who concepted a Machine capable to bring them into a parallel world. In this other universe they meet 3 kinds of kinky and sexy girl! One was a true nymphomaniac who only thought about to have sex all the time, the second one was a pure Dominatrix and the third one an excellent Vamp Girl who was always trying to use their credit cards to steal money. I guess you could say a financial vampire. I wanted to be published and visited a few comic magazines and met with numerous editors. Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to publish the comic and they even told me I would never work in the industry of that kind of style. I confess I was a bit disappointed! I realized quickly the Comic's world was so cruel and merciless and put it aside as I focused on purely illustrations.

Bottom Up: But, now you have been published.

I started my business around the year 1993. I contacted the "number one" (at this time) French erotic magazine called "Défi". They were interested to let me free lance for them. I shortly worked for the Publicity department in Perpignan City where the edition was based. But I did not want to work for vanilla stuff. Only BDSM stuff attracted and inspirited me. So, I put my first step into BDSM scene publication in England. Though it wasn’t exactly what I wanted I mostly illustrated and made comics about Domestic, or school discipline. But The Hereford based Muire Reform Journal really loved my work and it was the beginning of a true and long partnership! You know, looking back though I confess my work was not so good. I never had been in art school and I had learnt to draw completely by my own. I remember I had a serious problem of perspective and I missed technics. *smiles* I work now for Guy Masterleigh a colleague I highly respected who does publishing on Lulu.com. It’s funny how I am doing this interview now because just recently I spoken to him how I am ashamed for my first illustrated books quality. And yet years later now Guy is becoming one of my retailer for my actual short stories and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Bottom Up: I see you mostly meet success overseas! Like USA...

Yes, you know, there is a French proverb which says " No Man is a prophet in his own country". After I worked with The Muire Reform Journal in England" I knocked the doors of California State. I first free lanced with "Versatile Fashion", you know the infamous Mistress Antoinette publication and fetish fashion design! It was my first time I went to Los Angeles. I have cooperated as fetish fashion stylist with them. So I used to spend mostly of my US escapade to create fetish BDSM dresses and accessories. Little by little, I gained more free lance contracts with different US and English Magazines. Like Dressing for Pleasure, Bizzare, EIDOS and Wanda Magazine... So I moved in Los Angeles and worked with all those magazines.
                                      (During Artshow Convention Los Angeles 1999)

Bottom Up: No fun with Dominatrix?

Very rarely, I had some occasion where I was invited to some of the Muire Reform Academy's parties. I confess I was not really experienced yet at this time, and I finally discovered many facets of BDSM once I started to exhibit my art and travelling.

Bottom Up: You travel a lot! That's great!

By travelling, I was very lucky to meet different BDSM cultures. You cannot imagine BDSM concept is totally different depending the country you are going. I played with German Dommes, American ones, Some English ones as well as from Thailand and Japan! Each session I used to live was a great experience and quiet inspiring. For exemple... I used to work for "Behind the Scene" from the emblematic Jennifer Brooks in San Diego! When I acted on several videos for her production, I never thought one of those shootings was a pure forced feminization game! In fact, I acted a sissy maid and I discovered I really enjoyed that shooting and saw I had some hidden fantasies in my mind! Since that experience I really enjoy playing man getting forced to be sissified... when before I never would’ve even considered it.

Bottom Up: Do you play what you are illustrating or writing?

I do, sometimes it's a fantasy I am creating for my publication and I try to put myself more in it. Sometime, it use some experiences I previously lived! But you know, I don't play with the first Domme I meet. For me, BDSM must be a reciprocal pleasure and a huge question of trust. I do not have so many Dominatrix. I have very few with who I can safely play and I deeply know each other we have to found the pleasure and the ecstasy! I have in the past occasionally frequented some Dungeons and chosen the Mistress who can inspire me if you will. But It was not the same pleasure than if I played with a Domme I really know and trust.

Bottom Up: Like which Mistress?

Well for instance many times I have played with Mistress Cyber. She was a friend of mine for many years. But I would love to mention Lady Ayesha from Spain! I met her during one of the Anniversary Jubilee of OWK, in Czeck Republic. We could play many hours lost in it all. She was completely in control and I obeyed. But each game was an excellent experience we shared together! One time a session lasted five hours together without stopping. You can image the rest.

Bottom Up: Any other Mistresses?

Yes, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire during a video shooting, Mistress Lubyanka in England, Mistress Alina in New York, Mistress Nurie in Thailand... plus some I met during fetish parties like Torture Garden, Black and Blue Ball or again Demonia... But I was collared one time in France. A certain Maitresse Patricia. She used me for a good year! She was an amazing BBW Dominatrix, with who I got a true relationship. She loved to surprise me and suddenly become the Mistress for her personal pleasure.

Bottom Up: What is your best experience? And of course the worst one!

You know, honestly I could not pick out the best experience as a submale! I used to play with quality Dommes from different countries and they brought me different BDSM cultures and experiences. I know it may sound cliché’ but they all were great to me. Now on the subject of negative experience though yes I do have one and it has never left me. During one of my artshows in OWK, A Bulgarian Guest Mistress wanted to play a bit with me. I guess she missed a lot of experience on caning. She caned me without caring about my limits and I almost collapsed under the trashing! It's the reason why, now, I pay attention with who I am playing! I am very careful on who I am meeting. Since that bad experience, I can say truly I really fear the cane. *laughs*

Bottom Up: We notice your have a lot of fetishes!

I cannot concept BDSM within the context of one fetish. You know, for me, BDSM is a big Theater stage with two actors! The Top and the Bottom. The costumes are various depending the "story" they both are playing! I love each play as a true story! A story between the Mistress and her submissive subject. Yes, I got a lot of fetish and some I did not explore yet, but with all those experiences, I have chosen the ones I really love and the one I don't want play. Like everybody I got limits. But I think to easily take the skin of a pure slave, as I can be forced into sissification, as well age total age regression.

Bottom Up: "Training at Fuji's Lair" seems to be your favorite work! We notice you are working on this novel. You seem to love Asian Female Dominance!

Yes, a lot! I guess my greatest moments and Experiences were the ones where I played with Asian Dommes! Mistress Cyber was Asian, Mistress Nurie and Mistress Femina too. For me, Asian Dommes have something different which attracts me more than other one. I mean, Asian Dommes have this natural sadistic touch I never seen really from the other cultures. Obviously, I am already attracted by Asia. I used to live few years in this continent and I guess this is the place where I feel the most content."Training in Fuji's Lair" is an older work that I started to write and illustrate it in 1999. I put it in the storage because, I guess I couldn’t find anymore inspiration. I wanted it as a true full illustrated novel. So I recently removed it from the storage and now, I am working on it seriously and I am very pleased so far with the progress I have made. It’s definitely my personal favourite.

Bottom Up: Mistress Sakura (The main Mistress of the story) is The ideal Mistress you are dreaming?

Yes as I have eloquently put *laughs* I love Asian Dommes! Mistress Sakura is the reflect of the Domme I would love to serve. She is stunning, cruel and really kinky with her Anime style. In the story, she is the cruellest Mistress Trainer the slave will be obliged to serve. He has been sent to Japan for a full week training by his Mistress owner. It's a birthday present she has offered for his loyalty and good servitude. There will be 7 chapters each depicting the each day of his training I have really enjoyed working on it. I love the style of Mistress Sakura and yes I can definitely agree it’s the reflection for me what I guess you could say my dream Asian Domme *laughs*


                                           (From Training at Fuji's Lair Novel)

Bottom Up: ... And a lot of artworks too!

Yes, I guess a good 200!!! Like the number of pages! It's my first novel. You know, I really love to illustrate what I am writing! For me, it is important for the reader to have an image of all the character, scenes, situation... I don't want to bore people with simple writing! Of course, you will tell me that's good to let the reader imagination wandering by its own. But when I create a story I take the place for the reader and I love to illustrate it the way to give that story a more exciting undertone and rich atmosphere. " Confession of a Man Kneeled Down" is not the same thing It's a true metaphor. On the contrary I will let the reader "watch in a sense" what I am writing. I would also like to add if I may that many of my short illustrated stories I wrote, are coming from some artworks I previously sketched before to take my laptop and writing.

Bottom Up: It's like you love Gyno-Supremacy society! Is OWK has inspired you?

Yes and no…. Long time ago, I wanted to "live" and be involved into a Gyno-Supremacy world. I have contacted OWK during their beginning and asked them to display my art. I did believe it was a large dungeon. When I arrived in Czeck Republic, I discovered the place was the largest one I ever seen of my life! You know, it's a true independent place. They have their own flag as they have their own money. The politic remains simple. Women over men! I really love that place and I have my best Fetish BDSM souvenirs, I met such interesting people there. A lot of people believe it is just a fake created for commercial purpose! This could be furthest from the truth. The Gyno-Supremacy rules truly there, as well as do the publically exposed Lady Guards. The slaves are really living in slavery! In my time there I met Madam Christine, Madam Lauren and of course Her Majesty the Queen Patricia! Actually I take back what I said before on best experience that was my best experience as a Submale! That is where I found my inspiration! You can notice it on my said "Permanent Comics book " The Red Castle". It's also a fictional story I set in Slovakia as to depict OWK! But OWK really is legit and does exist and I hope to come back there again. It was seriously amazing to see.

Bottom Up! That could be a nice Comics Book! We also notice you love Mistresses with generous body, We can mean really generous! Like Madam Kira in "Red Castle" Why...

The french Mistress who collared me was a BBW Dominatrix and I love lets just say generous bodies. *smiles* Not too big, but generous. See Betty Page if you need to have a better idea. She was far away to be slim! Nevertheless, generous body was a beauty criteria during the year 50s and 60s! I love when a Domme is imposing with her body and presence! In the game, I love to feel tiny and almost nothing in front of such imposing presence, and I love tall Mistresses call it the amazon syndrome of a boyish fantasy. That is why you can see my female character are always taller than men. I am showing their superiority in all ways including their size to make the submale feel where they should beneath them.


Bottom Up: We notice you love leathered Mistresses, but you also love Old fashioned Discipline! We can see many stories, especially the Forced age regression ones, where Top ladies are wearing vintage dresses etc...

Yes, Like I told before, I guess the experience during my Teenage years was where it really developed first in bdsm. As I said prior earlier in the interview the girl, Tatiana I was dating usually wore fancy old fashioned dresses and I really loved to get spanked over her laps when we secretly played. My illustrations are depicting that fantasy a lot! I love pure BDSM but I am always attracted on Old fashioned Discipline. Age regression remains my deepest fantasy. It is not surprising you can read many stories about this.

Bottom Up: Tell us about your decorative art! We have seen you made a lot of art exhibitions! And you have positive reaction with fans and critics...

Yes, I did travel a lot to display my art. It was a period where I got more time to create big decorative artworks. I have exhibited it in New York mostly of the time. Now, with all my activities related to the edition and publication, I have less time. Master R who is one of my best friend, takes care of some original artworks he is displaying at La Domaine Esemar in New York State. At the moment he has 32 Artworks I did and they are apart of my artbook "Slave Views" I will be distributing on demand by dungeon, fetish club or private collector.


Bottom Up: do you have some creative projects outside of the novel?

I am writing, when I can find the time and the inspiration " The strange journey of Wolgang Smith", its a long illustrated Novel talking about a strange story of time passage into an Amazon World. That is all I can say on the manner I do not wish to spoil details of plot or characters. Of course, I have three new short illustrated stories in due course of writing and illustrating. And sometime if I can give my time for it I am working on an Anime comic I titled "A". It will be a comic, but also a full illustrated novel. I am working on a lot the issue is honestly time and dedication to the project. If I can’t put the time aside truly it’s better to leave it be and put it aside for the moment.

Bottom Up: Perhaps you would love to find a muse, the one who will collar you!

Yes, maybe. A muse is really important to find the inspiration I must admit. But you know, I will confess you something. To be a permanent slave is really impossible for me. We are human beings and have needs in our daily lives both on a communication level and spiritual level. I mean a Lot of men are dreaming to serve a Domme 24 hours a day, Seven a week that’s just not me and it’s very rare honestly to find that kind of lifestyle. In these modern times the way the world continuously moves forward unless you are with a domme that has a need for that the odds are not as high as you would think. I think it comes from the fact of is there is too much out there in life that the domme has too much to pick from. Now in a relationship sense perhaps I would love to share my life with a Domme partner, but we would have to have a common interest and chemistry outside of BDSM. I think It's good to live and share fantasies but to live it hundred percent remains for me not possible. The contrary could be mentally dangerous both, but then again OWK showed me that it really depends on the culture too and how it is setup for it to work. So to each his own.

Bottom Up: And your future... How do you see it.

To keep writing and illustrating with the same passion I got since my beginning, and to keep following the dream in fetish like I have both in an artistic and literary sense. You know, I am glad to be still considered in the scene, I have seen and met many people in the BDSM scene. Some of them really mocked me at first, but ironically as the years have gone on those people have disappeared almost faster they appeared. And yet I am still here and pushing on in my creativity and trying to push the boundaries of what I can do. That I can say is an accomplishment in itself and I am proud to still stand on both my feet after so many years I struggled fighting to survive. My art never was never truly economically prosperous and I have not gained vast wealth but the impact it has made is more to me than just profit. As I said from the beginning I had an interest purely in BDSM influenced art and in the end that was what I stuck with. It wasn’t the easiest road to walk in my career choice but I can say it was the most satisfying and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would rather be pursuing what I am and have the success I have had then only be driven purely by profit and gain. My art is my life and that is my expression to the world of what I wish to give. Others have come and gone many who hated and mocked what I did but I am still here and I can be proud on what I become. I feel that by staying humble and wanting to push myself more I am not only evolving as an artist but also in my creativeness in my art. I don’t want to stand still I want to continue to push forward and do my job but at the sametime keep pushing myself. That is what we all want in life to be happy at what we do and I have been very fortunate to have that chance and to meet many wonderful people, travel the world and pursue the art I want to create.

Bottom UP: We want to say thank you for taking the time to speak with us and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Thank you it was a pleasure and for everyone who has enjoyed my work I look forward to many more things in the future to show you.

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