samedi 25 janvier 2014

                LAURENT LEBEAU 
        3D E-BOOK Now released!!!

Waiting for the paper book which will be soon printed and distributed, You could discover those both ARTBOOKS as 3D book you could get online!

                                                          "SLAVE VIEWS"
This 134 pages book and E-Book is a wonderful journey accross Laurent Lebeau's Fantasy with near 90 Black and Red artwork. You will watch each ot hose illustrations like you really is that slave. It's a subtle play of counter diving sights and mirror game! This book has required More than 6 month of work for the artist! We do not have the price for the paper book but the E-BOOK will be €25 payable by Paypal

                     "THE BEST OF LAURENT LEBEAU ART"
This is the INDISPENSABLE!!! 160 Pages of pure FEMALE DOMINATION Illustrations which celebrate the 20 Years of Laurent Lebeau creations! The artist is releasing the most beautiful artworks he has done for U.S and European  Magazine publishers, websites, his self publication and other writers. A good 200 illustrations are displayed.
The 3D E-BOOK will be avialble soon for the price of €35 payable via PAYPAL
                                                   ORDER HERE
Our favorite Scottish Mistress is back after have spent nice holydays with some new videos! Bottom Up will certainly reserve some interview to her! If you love traditional spanking and Discipline! She has uploaded some new interesting film!
   Join Ms Jessica Wood Website and get some preview there
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                    FREE PREVIEW CLICK HERE

                   "CLUB LOUNGE WHIPPING 2"
Mistress Ezada Sin is one of my favorite Dominatrix I would surrender and devote! This stunning Dominatrix is just chilling out in the Lounge with a slave she will strictly whip! Have a view on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                    CLICK HERE

Lady Chanel is also relaxing with a naked and masked slave she will use as boot licker and worshipper! You can have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                  CLICK HERE

                               "THE NOSY FITTER"
This is a rude and awesome video! Look at this gorgeous short haired Mistress suspending a naked slave for an outdoor hard punishment with cane and whip! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
                                                CLICK HERE

                  "BLACK LEATHER SMOKER"
Gosh! I am pretty sure you would like to take the place of that lucky slave who will serve as human ashtray and get humiliated by this stunning brunette Mistress! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
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                  VIDEO  RELEASES

                             "LOVE MY BOOTS"
                           Featuring Mistress Nikki
That awesome video is featuring the stunning Mistress Nikki who is directly talking to you and order you to worship her high heeled boots! Surrender yourself and have a look on FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS
                                                                 CLICK HERE

                              "A JOB WELL DONE"
                              Featuring The Huntress
The Huntress is a gorgeous Dominatrix you should fear! This film is featuring her training a devoted and worthy naked slave for a first "Dressage" initiation! You can have a view on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
                                                   CLICK HERE

vendredi 17 janvier 2014

                 COMING SOON ARTBOOK!!
                 RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW

                     " THE BEST OFF LAURENT LEBEAU"
 This is a 160 Pages FEMDOM Illustrations book which celebrate the 20 years of creations the French artist has made during his career! Near 200 full coloured and Black & White illustrations about Female Domination are displayed! Many of them were published in the U.S and Europe!
                                                          The price is €59 or $65

                                                          "SLAVE VIEWS"
Laurent Lebeau has created near 90 artworks for that Artbook you may include to your private fetish Library! "SLAVE VIEWS" is a true devotion to the Female Domination! Some existing Mistress Portraits are displayed! All is sketched in a basic Black, Grey and Red color and the sceneries are set up like you trully were that slave! Many counter-diving like if you were at the feet of those Mistresses! A major part of those illustration involve game of Mirror and it is full of kinky feelings!
 This is a 134 pages Artbook and you could discover some parts of Laurent's book "Confession of a Man Kneeled down"
                                                 Price is €49 or U.S $55
                              VIDEO RELEASES

                                      "PUNISHED ON THE CROSS"
                  Featuring Mistress Ava Black & Mistress Nina
Strapped down, the slave can only endure the wicked torments of his two Mistresses. You will discover it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                           CLICK HERE

                      "BALLBUSTING IN THE DUNGEON"
              Featuring Mistress Ava Black & Mistress NINA
Strapped between two posts the slave can only endure the full force of his Mistress's kicks between his legs. Have a view on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                           CLICK HERE

                                   "BALLBUSTING WITH THREE LADIES
                            Mistress Nina and her Girlfriends
Two balls and three ladies means plenty of hard kicks to reduce the slave to a quivering wreck! You will discover it by watching that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                        CLICK HERE
                 NEW JANUARY 2014

                                     "SLAVE TO BOOT"
                           Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy
Superb video of the most famous Femme Fatale Mistress: Eleise de Lacy where she show her boots you should lick and worship! You can have a view on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & GALLERY CLICK HERE
Featuring Mistress Michaela
Mistress Michaela is a delicious Afro-American Dominatrix. She knows how to use devoted slave for her personal pleasure! Good humiliation and degradation are displayed on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & GALLERY PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress Solaya
Another excellent film featuring the stunning and very severe Mistress Solaya! She is a humiliatrix and she will degrade her slave, turning him as bitch! You will discover it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & GALLERY PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress R'Eal
Mistress R'Eal is dealing with 2 slaves and she want to reward the best devoted one! A boot licking contest is given! Watch that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY PREVIEW