vendredi 30 septembre 2016

Back to Europe! Preparing Bottom Up magazine "Special Japan"

                     BACK to EUROPE!
           Preparing Bottom Up Magazine 
                       "Special Japan" 
 That was a wonderful trip into the Sunrise Country! and we have met fabulous people! That "Special Japan" next issue will be very promising and rich of kinky published stuff! 
We got a nice touch with Domina Rika of the oriental Bondage Bar Augone! We also met a delicious artist under the name of Botan Ayame and we will reserve some pages for her gorgeous artworks & photography
We also made an immersion into the world of Manga "Cosplay" and got fun into that amazing "Maid Bar"...
Coming soon!!!

Ms Pandora BLAKE - England
Yes, I will have a short trip to England next month to meet the enigmatic and well etablished Pandora Blake. More than a spankee and a spanker, she is also a strong activist and defenser of our kinky and erotic sexuality ! That's why we should give her our pages in our further issue! She is on the lead of Dreams of Spanking website! Have a look! 

samedi 17 septembre 2016

Exceptional meeting with
Yes! We are well arrived in Japan since 5 days and let me tell you we have met such wonderful Japanese kinky people in Osaka! Especially that delicious, exuberant and kinky Dominatrix: Mistress Rika! She is one of the most important and well involved Fetish person. Always dominant with a good sens of humour! Bottom Up Magazine (And the French one "Dressage Fanzine" has reserved a major part of its pages for her! You will discover she is a talented Mistress, performer and artist! She is on the lead of the infamous place Oriental Bondage Bar Augone and it was such a great pleasure for me to have met her! At the mean time, you can reach her on
  Facebook: Domina Rika :

Yes! If you decide to have a little tour in Osaka! Don't miss this place! As I say, there are Bondage bars and.... Bondage Bar! This one is simply gorgeous and it is held by real fetish people who are in the sin. This is the main base of Mistress Rika. We are warmed by their welcome and your pretty attention. Everyday, the Oriental gives bondage show, mainly performed by Mistress Rika  and we can say those show are really awesome! People are kind and the staff very nice. You don't speak Japanese! Don't panic! Few days a week, american staff are working and servicing!
I was so touched and I so adored the place that I decided to write a complete review about Oriental Bondage Bar Augone.
  It is based near Namba Nakai Train station. Map and more info

      OSAKA ART EVENT @ Oriental Bondage Bar Augone: Sept 20 to 24 2016
Yes, that will be an awesome event! Mistress Rika and her friend Kaori Maeda are offering a nice art exhibition to Oriental Bondage Bar Augone & Rainbow Kitchen (Namba area) with several
underground and fetish local artists, including MYSELF!
If you are in Osaka or around! Please come to support our Japanese Artist friends and the nice supporting Mistress Rika has for the art! A complete reveiw of that event will be published in our Magazine. You can have more information on Mistress Rika social networks (see on the top) and

mardi 6 septembre 2016

                       Next Week End 
                    BarBar BKK Fetish BDSM Club
                                          Patpong 2

Our Lovely Mistress Ambassador of Bottom Up Magazine is actually taking her black wings to the conquest of the World. This next week end she will be in Bangkok next September 9th at our friends fetish club BarBar. 
She will perform "Behind the Curtain Hidden pleasures" and she will accept application of well devoted slaves and sissies during this time! Soon
                             Please contact Her at: 

                   Next Week with FETISHI'SM Mistress Club 
                                    and Mistress Kira
Yes, we are flying next Monday September 12th from Paris to Osaka to make that special Bottom Up Magazine Japan which will be rich on Japanese Femdom contents. However, excepted the fact we will meet the infamous Mistress Club "Fetishi-SM" and the lovely Dominatrix Mistress Kira and her Domme friends, we are in the search of BDSM artists, boutiques... to talk about our next issue. We can say we are really excited to go Japan and meet these awesome people in Osaka!!! 
              PM us to: 

                          ABC&D New E-books
The special Ageplay - Forced Age regression and ABDL publication has just released 2 new books in its boutique 
                             ABs Discipline Illustrations book is a 160 page photo-montage on Photoshop depicting naughty ABs and sissified ones getting  humiliated and disciplined by lovely ABsitters, Nannies and cruel Dommes - After the little success of the illustrated book "Turned into Lil'Ones" There is a second edition of the best Laurent Lebeau artworks. Its a 96 pages full of illustrations the artist will use for short stories and novels.  


samedi 20 août 2016

Just Released!!! 
The 7th issue of our main magazine is just released and its contents are always exciting and kinky
Don't miss the stunning Mistress Cyber from New Orleans/New York City in interview, a rememberance of OWK, an introduction of new Laurent Lebeau's project "The Fortress of Madam Yo", a hommage to Eric Stanton & Milo Manara, A History chapter with the famous femme fatale and Erszebet Bathory! And much more...
Purchase it 5€ via Paypal ordered

Our official Bottom Up Magazine Mistress is joining us...
Yes! Our delicious Asian Mistress becomes our privileged Domme for our publication. In fact, she will get her pages on Bottom Up mag where she could express herself and answer to your questions. Mistress Charlyn is our ambassador!   

in project and help wanted! 
As you noticed, our main website is a bit frozen, but don't panic! We are working on a new one which will be more professional and clear. we strongly need a webmaster to create a new one where you could read online our publications and videos
please contact us 

Pretty soon in Japan!
It's such a big adventure waiting us! next month I am going to Osaka and believe me, i am totally excited! Be advised the next issue of our magazine will be dedicated to japanese FemDom with a total insertion to the famous Fetishi'SM Mistress Club and meeting Mistress Kira. Then we will have to visit an artist of the underground scene and involve into manga Cosplay world! 
keep your eyes open! 

dimanche 22 mai 2016

       BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE will meet
               MISTRESS KIRA in JAPAN

Oh! I am pretty sure you have seen her on many social networks and videos online! This stunning beautiful Mistress is becoming one of the well renamed figure of the FemDom BDSM in Japan! Mistress Kira is really talented! her beauty is exceptional and now she gains experience in all the country, as well as the World! She become a closest friend of Bottom Up Magazine and we hope she becomes the Japanese ambassador of our publications! We will meet her soon, as we have planned to make a trip to Osaka where we will make a complete review about Fetishi-SM Mistress Club 
you can follow her on twitter:
and have a look on the main website 
(click the banner just bellow)

        Domina BARBARA Interview Preview 

Domina Barbara is a well experienced Pro-Dominatrix from Belgrade, capital city of Serbia! Yes, Bottom Up Magazine has met her and we have given few pages for an interview! Proof that BDSM is practiced all around the World! We release that interview preview for you 
                  MISTRESS CYBER 
             International Pro-Domme
   N.Y.C - New Orleans - Mumbai - Toronto -                   Singapore - Paris - London 
We know this elegant, refined, charismatic and well demanding Pro-Dominatrix for very long time! I will say 15 years now! Mistress Cyber is an Indian Goddess originally from N.Y.C and she has been one of the Top Dominas in Big Apple! She has a great experience and she has worked for the greatest and well renamed Dungeos as The Arena's, Pandora's Box. Now she set her playrooms in New Orleans and she travel a lot to Europe and Asia to provide her services. BDSM Practices are various. Mistress Cyber is exploring many aspects of BDSM. She also provides Skype- Niteflirt sessions. She becomes one of our Bottom Up Mag American ambassador , We reserve the next issue for a special interview and review about this stunning Dominatrix! Keep posted... For now, i really suggest you to have a look on her main webpage by clicking the banner just bellow 

                    DOMINA M in Paris 

Our lovely friend and favorite Mistress DOMINA M is now setting her dungeon in the city of light! I mean Paris! This awesome Pro-Domme can accept application from devoted slaves and Submales can ask for session. Domina M is well experienced and she is coming from the NEW YORK CITY finest BDSM scene! Bottom Up magazine is proud to have her like new supporter and pretty soon an interview will be on the focus for our further issues! 
you can have more information by clicking the banner just bellow ;-) 

samedi 12 mars 2016

                    10th anniversary of 
                 BARBAR BANGKOK 
Yes! We are longtime friends of that well renamed place in Bangkok! The Barbar BKK is celebrating his 10th anniversary of existence! Come to meet Mistress Enigma or again Mistress Bua! Events and parties will be great to celebrate that anniversary! Those events are coming soon! If you go by Thailand this year! Don't miss Barbar Bangkok
Near Silom skytrain station

lundi 29 février 2016

             FETISHI-SM Club & Dungeon 
                         OSAKA JAPAN 
Bottom Up magazine is proud to cooperate on some point with that beautiful well renamed Fetish Club in Osaka Japan.
Fetishi -SM is the name and this  dungeon club has the particularity to train Mistresses. The cast is impressing and we have pro-domme for all taste! More than regular BDSM club. Fetishi-SM is a wonderful initiation place where novices willing to learn can be trained!  
Bottom Up mag is on the focus to make a complet review of that awesome FemDom heaven! We will introduce Mistresses and latest new everytime we could! Keep an eyes on our blog and website! 
Click on the banner to access the website

mercredi 3 février 2016

                   3 INTERVIEWS 
          Special La Domaine Esemar

Bottom Up Magazine is proud to introduce La D Family and we have published 3 interviews on this special issue! Have a look and read!!! 

                   Headmistress Couple
                        click photo to see introduction     

                                                    Madam Stella 
                        Click on photo to see introduction

Master R 
Click photo to see introduction

mardi 2 février 2016

BOTTOM UP Special La Domaine Esemar

BOTTO UP MAG Issue 5 is released!!! 
This is a very special one! We have decided to dedicate this issue 5 for the most beautiful, involved and famous house in the world! La Domaine Esemar! 
The contents is rich and we have published 4 interviews of
HeadMistress Couple
Madam Stella
Master R and Laurent Lebeau! 
A complete review about September party at la D and a special video "prison school"