dimanche 22 mai 2016

       BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE will meet
               MISTRESS KIRA in JAPAN

Oh! I am pretty sure you have seen her on many social networks and videos online! This stunning beautiful Mistress is becoming one of the well renamed figure of the FemDom BDSM in Japan! Mistress Kira is really talented! her beauty is exceptional and now she gains experience in all the country, as well as the World! She become a closest friend of Bottom Up Magazine and we hope she becomes the Japanese ambassador of our publications! We will meet her soon, as we have planned to make a trip to Osaka where we will make a complete review about Fetishi-SM Mistress Club 
you can follow her on twitter: 
and have a look on the main website 
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        Domina BARBARA Interview Preview 

Domina Barbara is a well experienced Pro-Dominatrix from Belgrade, capital city of Serbia! Yes, Bottom Up Magazine has met her and we have given few pages for an interview! Proof that BDSM is practiced all around the World! We release that interview preview for you 
                  MISTRESS CYBER 
             International Pro-Domme
   N.Y.C - New Orleans - Mumbai - Toronto -                   Singapore - Paris - London 
We know this elegant, refined, charismatic and well demanding Pro-Dominatrix for very long time! I will say 15 years now! Mistress Cyber is an Indian Goddess originally from N.Y.C and she has been one of the Top Dominas in Big Apple! She has a great experience and she has worked for the greatest and well renamed Dungeos as The Arena's, Pandora's Box. Now she set her playrooms in New Orleans and she travel a lot to Europe and Asia to provide her services. BDSM Practices are various. Mistress Cyber is exploring many aspects of BDSM. She also provides Skype- Niteflirt sessions. She becomes one of our Bottom Up Mag American ambassador , We reserve the next issue for a special interview and review about this stunning Dominatrix! Keep posted... For now, i really suggest you to have a look on her main webpage by clicking the banner just bellow 

                    DOMINA M in Paris 

Our lovely friend and favorite Mistress DOMINA M is now setting her dungeon in the city of light! I mean Paris! This awesome Pro-Domme can accept application from devoted slaves and Submales can ask for session. Domina M is well experienced and she is coming from the NEW YORK CITY finest BDSM scene! Bottom Up magazine is proud to have her like new supporter and pretty soon an interview will be on the focus for our further issues! 
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