mercredi 25 février 2015

    NIGHT OF THE QUEENS PRIVATE   FEMDOM PARTY SOUTH FRANCE IS                                     LAUNCHED!!!! 
                Then London and Nagoya!!!! 
             SATURDAY APRIL 11th 2015 
                           Starting 6PM 
Near to Nîmes in Magnificent Medieval Village 
 Exact adress given upon confirmed Reservation! 
Yes! After a nice little success in New York between 2004 and 2010, NIGHT OF THE QUEEN IS BACK in South France and there is some little change in the concept! Our event becomes private as we don't want to make bigger events! We hope each guest can play and have a memorable souvenir during our event! It is not possible to knock the door easily! We start to set some dates in different cities in the World! 
    Next NIGHT OF THE QUEENS will be given near to NIMES (South France) next April 11th 2015 in the dungeon of Mistress Akina, Couple Mistress/Slave are strongly sollicited but we will accept the application of few single slaves for servitude! 
Mistress Akina becomes our Bottom Up and Dressage Fanzines partner as she is our greatest supporter! But she is before all a such wondefull Dominatrix and She will performe a special bondage show
Be advised we have some low-cost airlines from UK, Belgium and other European cities which flying to Nimes and Montpellier airports! It's really easy and cheappest way to come! 
We really hope the success of that first event! Because this one will be followed by other ones as special afternnon and night parties in Mistress Akina's facilities! 
For more info about the party and booking
                                                            CLICK HERE   

                         NIGHT OF THE QUEENS LONDON U.K 
At the moment, we hold the date of the first NIGHT of the QUEENS near London, but we can make some little change due to the venue where it will happen. In fact, We are in the search of a larger house where Sir Guy Masterleigh can make his pony boys/girls activity and get the using of the house for an  NIGHT OF THE QUEENS EXTENDED WEEK END... Of course, once we will have fixed it, we will contact and inform you ASAP! Keep your eyes wide open! 

   ... AND WHY NOT NAGOYA in Japan?? (June 2015) 
We are in due course to discuss about it with our delicious favorite Japanese Mistress Hibiki! But is is not scheduled yet... The only thing we can say is Laurent Lebeau will display his art in Ms Hibiki's S.M BAR between Sunday June 14th and 18th. 
NIGHT OF THE QUEENS Japan will be in the same Concept we did in New York City! With a FREE VERNISSAGE PARTY and the main event just behind! Our Japanese Dommes and Slaves friends could enjoy the play party just behind
Keep posted!!!! 


We are also discussing about the possibility to make an annual NIGHT OF THE QUEENS PARTY in the venue BARBAR fetish club and Dungeon in Bangkok! This one will be larger and opened to all BDSM FemDom Lovers in the Smiling Country! 
for sure, we will set up that event current october or November as we have planned to participate to the next Montreal Fetish Week End in September!!! 
We will keep you posted!!!