vendredi 25 octobre 2013

                   MISTRESS FRIENDS

                  Welcome to Mistress Mathi from Montréal
A mysterious and beautifull Goddess you could meet in session at Montréal Canada
Click on the photo to visit her website
Welcome Mistress Bizarelle From Berlin
Dare to meet Mistress Bizarelle! A stunning and very strict Mistress! Pure domination and fetish
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Welcome  Mistress Saleme from Sydney
Discover this stunning and very fetish Australian Dominatrix ! She is a pure expert on BDSM!
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                    LAST RELEASES

                                "SLAVE WHIPPING"

Very fascinating Photo galley! Look at at gorgeous blond Mistress whipping her slave! The whipping is very hard and the Mistress very merciless! FREE PHOTO GALLERY
                                                               CLICK HERE

                                                "THE LOST SLAVE"

The Lost Slave falls on two cruel Mistresses who will whip him!! The slave is suspended and will dance Under two single tails! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS PREVIEW
                                                                     CLICK HERE

                                                  "STEPFATHER IS FUCKED"
 When a Young and beautiful girl wear strap on with a huge dildo she swill plug on her stepfather ass! I will be strongly humiliating for him! WATCH THAT FREE PHOTO GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                               CLICK HERE

                            "THE DEVILISH SISTERS BOOTSLAVE"
 Two sisters are dealing with a slave they will hardly humiliate and force him to lick their shoes and boots! Very nice film! HAVE A LOOK ON THAT FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
                                                          CLICK HERE

                                "THE DOMINANT FETISH MODEL"
A pretty fetish model is coming for a photoshoot by a very special fetish photographer! But she will teach him who is ruling with nice boots worship and good humiliation! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PHOTO GALLERY
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lundi 21 octobre 2013


                  "ONE SLAVE FOR SIX BOOTS"
One Slave and Six Boots features Mistress Ava Black, Mistress Nina, Mistress Shane. The first part of this session was published on 3rd Oct 2013 and it was last updated on 13th Oct 2013 with complete film. FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
                                                   CLICK HERE

                   "CUMSHOT SHOWER"
     Featuring Mistress Kiana, The slave is made to cum beneath his Mistress. You can have a look on that FREE PREVIEW VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
                                                  CLICK HERE

                     "MOTORCYCLE FUN"
Featuring Mistress Luciana. A powerful bike and a throbbing arse from a dildo rod. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
                                           CLICK HERE

Featuring Goddess Severa, The told Goddess Severs try it now with some strong face-sitting to get the security codes of the bankaccounts. Have a view on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
                                         CLICK HERE

                    "KIANA'S CIGAR SLAVE"
Featuring Mistress Kiana, A big fat cigar and a slave as an ashtray! Have a view on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
                                             CLICK HERE

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

             NEW BOOK ON LULU.COM
                              Laurent Lebeau earlier Illustrated story

An early illustrated story of school role-play, heavily influenced by his taste for ‘adult education’ in the style of traditional French teaching, in the days before they banned corporal punishment. A tour de force of Female Domination, adult boy spanking, strapping and whipping. If that’s what you want to see, this is the next best thing to being in the classroom alongside the gentleman who receives all that feminine attention; and a lot less painful! I published several similar booklets on related themes the 1990s, but that market died with the advent of the internet. These drawings have been in the files ever since. I thought they deserved publication in this format, and he agreed. Enjoy! If you’d like to see more of his work, we may be publishing many of his more recent stories in colour over the next few months. Have a look on the website for more info and other Laurent Lebeau books
                                                                 CLICK HERE

Femme Fatale latest October Releases

               - FEMME FATALE FILM -

                                     "OFFICE BITCH"

                                                   Featuring Mistress Krush
That is an awesome video! The delicious Mistress Krush is a boss who never allows any smaller mistake from her employees! This one will know it in Mistress Krush Office! You can have a view on that FREE TRAILER and GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                     CLICK HERE

                                              "COLD AND HARD"
Featuring Mistress Suki

It is not so easy for a slave to facing Mistress Suki! Especially when she holds a cane in hand! This slave will learn how cold and hard the strict Mistress is! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Gosh! When the superb Blond Dominatrix Mistress Eleise de Lacy is dealing with a slave! For sure, he will not take a sit for a while! The blond Mistress will taste her single tail whip and then a large wooden paddle! You could see it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS
Featuring Mistress Nikki

An excellent video for the ball busting lovers! Mistress Nikki is a superb tall blond Dominatrix who knows how to treat bad slave when they play with their cock! You must see that FREE VIDEO TRAILER and PICS PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress Nikki
Sluts are always good to use for servitude and when they serve Mistress Nikki, it is not rare they get punished! An awesome video featuring that gorgeous Mistress using her Sissy Maid as ashtray, as shoes licker and hardly spanking him without any mercy! You could discover it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER and PIC PREVIEW!!!

samedi 5 octobre 2013


                                  "DOUBLE FACE SLAPPING"

Blond beauty gives two of her slaves very hard face slaps. Have a look on that FREE VIDECLIP and GALLERY

                                                          CLICK HERE

                                      "SCREAM FOR ME!"
It's a such nice caning! Look at that stunning blond Mistress punishing her slave and make him screaming! Crying and begging for mercy! Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
                                      CLICK HERE

                                   "SMOKING LEATHER MISTRESS"
An awesome way to use a slave as human furniture and force him to be an ashtray! You will discover it on that excellent video! Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY PREVIEW
                                                     CLICK HERE

                                         "CRUEL GIRL BELTING"
Being a slave anf get jailed in a pure Femdom heaven is not so easy! Slaves are there for suffer! You will see that belt punishment that stunning lady guard. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY PREVIEW
                                               CLICK HERE

                                         "A BAD MOOD CANING"
When Mistress Liza is in her bad mood! Don't cross her path! She will grabs you and put you tied up on the St Andrew cross! She will cane you as far as you will cry! You can have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY PREVIEW! 
                                            CLICK HERE

                             "INTRODUCING MISTRESS CLOE"
Mistress Cloe is a gorgeous short haired Mistress! Being her slave is a difficult task! The entire film is awesome if you love humiliation, training session and hard punishment! Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY PREVIEW
                                           CLICK HERE