mardi 30 octobre 2012

"Beg for it" 

Really severe cropping! It is not really good to be jailed and get punished with a strict crop! This video is one of my favorites and I share it with you 

                         LAST FEMME FATALE FILM RELEASE!!!!
                                                    " Enjoy my Smoke"
                              Featuring Lady Sophia Black 
                      How to resist Lady Sophia Black, that stunning tall Goddess when she forces you 
to breath her smoke... She is lighting a cigarette just near you!!! Watch the entire film by joining Femme Fatale 
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                                                  And then again... 
 FEMME FATALE LATEST FILM Featuring Lady Sophia Black 
                                     "Team Slave"   
The same stunning brunette Mistress is this time dealing with 2 devoted slaves she trains on shoes and foot worship. She won't miss to kick their balls and punish them!!! Very severe!!! 
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