vendredi 28 décembre 2012


                                   Last release featuring Mistress Eleyse de Lacy
                                  " THE CABLE MAN"
The Delicious Mistress Eleyse is dominating a new slave and she will train him with a lot of pain! Watch that awesome video including torture with heel and cigarette!
  To watch the entire film, please CLICK on the pic above ;-)

                                       BE THE NEXT... With that new released film
                                       " SLAVES FOR STRAP ONS"
     Featuring Mistress Natalie Black and Mistress Eleyse de Lacy

                It's your time! Watch that awesome video and prepare yourself for a good strap on! It is not useful to remind you that is a duty for slave!!! FREE VIDEO AND PHOTO ¨PREVIEW
    To watch the entire film, please click on the pic above

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