mardi 29 janvier 2013

                  NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!!
Remedial Behavioural Therapist Miss Siobahn Makes Fm Spanking Video Debut at Institute of Feminine Discipline!


Some of you may recall i spoke recently about a shoot I had attended back in December with the beautiful Miss Siobhan who was recently appointed by Miss Overseer Supreme Acacia to serve as a Remedial Behavioural Therapist at the Chelsea Spanking Centre!
The Chelsea Spanking Centre is actually attached to the Surrey Institute of Feminine Discipline by the way!  So that should give you an idea of the location of the Surrey IFD in case you ever wondered where in Surrey it was!  :)   But the Chelsea Spanking Centre is just one of many just as the flagship IFD in Surrey is!  But there are plans afoot to bring you video from some of the other IFD’s around the country!  A new IFD and Spanking Centre has apparently been opened in the South West of England and the cameras are due to make their way there on 1st February so you will meet the new Goddess currently in charge down there!  And you had better be on your best behaviour if you are sent because word is She does not suffer idiots gladly and is short of patience!
But back to Miss Siobahn!   This blonde spitfire is very difficult to put into words!   She is calm and yet uncompromising.   She is dismissive and strict.   But most of all She is one that is very unlikely to be moved by male pleads for understanding and leniency.   Miss Siobahn is one that knows her own mind and if she decides to spank then there is absolutely no point in trying to persuade her otherwise because that fm spanking is simply going to happen!   Here is a picture from this latest shoot showing Miss Siobahn in action

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