mardi 14 mai 2013

                      MAY RELEASES!!!

Featuring Mistress Jenni Sakura
The delicious Mistress Jenni Sakura teaches her slave to keep the right place! I mean himself on his knees and opening the mouth to serve as really human ashtray! Of course, many other humiliation and punishments will be given! Have a look on the FREE HD VIDEO and PICS PREVIEW
                                                        CLICK THERE

                                                  also featuring... 

                                             " GIMP SACK"
                                    With Mistress R'Eal
Really fetish video! For the one who love latex! Mistress R'Eal is dealing with a totally latex covered slave and she does such kinky play with him! FREE HD VIDEO and PICS PREVIEW

                                                         CLICK HERE

                                                        AND THEN...

                                          " NEW TOY "
                                     Featuring Goddess Miss Kelly
The stunning brunette Goddess, Miss Kelly is really happy with her new slave! Look how she humiliates him, using him as a little toy! FREE HD VIDEO and PICS
                                                          CLICK HERE

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