samedi 31 août 2013


                          WHIPS A SLAVE"
Watch this naked slave tiep up on St Andrw cross and get strictly whipped by a stunning Blond Dominatrix! You can have a view on that FREE GREAT GALLERY 
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                            "FOOD FOR THE WHIP"

It is a such big punishment in the red Dungeon. This film features a good whipping scene on a slave tied up and get lashed on the St Andrew Cross by this stunning blond Dominatrix. Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY 
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                             "THE LAZY SLAVE"
A slave is caught being lazy and forgetting he is normally there to do his chores! Watch that excellent film! The punishment is awesome! The stunning dark haired Mistress will severely cane her slave until the tears! Have a view on that FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY
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                         "BOOTS SLAVE TRAINING"
"Be my boots slave and feel the power of my cane!!!". I am pretty sure you will hurry to obey and learn good when you will be under control of that gorgeous blond Mistress! You will discover it on this generous FREE PIC GALLERY
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                       "EXTREME SADISTIC GIRLS"
It is not easy for a slave to be controlled and get punished by two very sadistic Ladies who will have good fun my giving hard pain to that slave! You will discover it by watching that
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