samedi 28 décembre 2013


Whish you a...

    Have nice New Year Eve and I hope you will have a kinky, fetish and funny New Year! We are glad we still are active and we are gaining more and more visitors! I know the paper magazine is not published yet! You must know I am alone to work on that project and it is hard. I hardly work on the illustration and the stories! But I can notice, more and more people trust on my publication... 2014 will be a great positive change for my publication. I have the help of some Mistresses and I cannot forget to mention Mistress Charlyn who is my best Partner. My focus is to finally set up the paper magazine and to publish online. My another goal is to have the 100.000 visitors on this blog.
Thank you very much! Bottom Up is my biggest venture and I hope to keep on offering the best of myself to give all my devotion for this passion for femdom scene we all sharing...

              Editor and Publisher Of Bottom Up Magazine: Laurent Lebeau

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