samedi 22 février 2014

                    New York Upstate
                     "Grand Cru" 2014

Yes! Our Friend Master R and his new HeadMistress, are preparing the event Schedule for 2014 and it will be as we say in french...
                                                      "Un grand Cru"
La Domaine Esemar, is the best and finest BDSM place you will ever see! Always quality people are crossing its door, The events are beautiful, and generous! You can taste awesome Cuisine and wine! For sure, The Informal Château will remain your next Fetish, Kinky and BDSM destination... Myself I planning to go back and see my beautiful friends as "Mi Amigo" Master R and meet the new headMis... Mistress Couple!!!

Whatever if North Eastern USA is living the coldest Winter they ever get, let me tell you the next further events will be Hot and Kinky! Master R and Mistress Couple are scheduling excellent events for 2014! For me, I confess I will wait the violets will invade the grass, the beavers will swim in the lac or the birds wandering around La Domaine's property to go! Being a Tropical Guy ;-)

 Next Moment will be Under the sign of Asia Don't forget Montreal's Majestic Mistress Magnum will be visiting March 1-4! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to serve a beautiful Asian woman with high standards, give us a call ASAP!

Have more information about La Domaine upcoming moment! Have a look on their awesome website
                                                LA DOMAINE ESEMAR

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