mardi 15 avril 2014

                    BARBAR Bangkok

                 New Bottom Up friend

Yes! Keep in touch with us! The BarBar Bangkok is the FINEST Fetish BDSM Club you could find in all Thailand! Its reputation starts to be very important and excellent as this is the sole and unique place in the country held by REAL FETISH BDSM Lovers! Barbar is 8 years story of passion and respect! People are fantastic!
Yes you will tell me it is like the other clubs! Only to attract tourist! We know that song!!! NO, NO and NO!!! DON'T GIVE ME UPSET WITH THAT! I know the owner and let me tell you, He has given all his passion for BDSM in this fabulous place!!!
Each person working here practicing BDSM with passion and love! It is because we really suggest that place for your next trip in Bangkok!!!! You will see by yourself!  BarBar  is really far away the cliché we usually give to that kind of places in Thailand!
Bottom Up will keep you posted about BarBar's next events and latest news!!!
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