vendredi 18 juillet 2014

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY
               BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE!!!!
        2sd Anniversary of Female Domination Passion!!!!

Yes! I am proud to tell you we are almost reaching 100.000 readers of our webpage! Two years of work to set up that website and more is coming up! It is very difficult to make work that project!
I have more and more good feedback! Yes! BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE will be soon released!
I only hope to continue this venture! To give you the best of myself!
Your help will be great! I am open for any kind of proposals and share that passion we get for Female Dominance and BDSM!!! I really thanks the Mistresses as Ms Charlyn, Ms Ezada Sin and many more who loves and support my publication! Thank you to the readers like you!
                                        Laurent Lebeau

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