dimanche 22 mai 2016

                  MISTRESS CYBER 
             International Pro-Domme
   N.Y.C - New Orleans - Mumbai - Toronto -                   Singapore - Paris - London 
We know this elegant, refined, charismatic and well demanding Pro-Dominatrix for very long time! I will say 15 years now! Mistress Cyber is an Indian Goddess originally from N.Y.C and she has been one of the Top Dominas in Big Apple! She has a great experience and she has worked for the greatest and well renamed Dungeos as The Arena's, Pandora's Box. Now she set her playrooms in New Orleans and she travel a lot to Europe and Asia to provide her services. BDSM Practices are various. Mistress Cyber is exploring many aspects of BDSM. She also provides Skype- Niteflirt sessions. She becomes one of our Bottom Up Mag American ambassador , We reserve the next issue for a special interview and review about this stunning Dominatrix! Keep posted... For now, i really suggest you to have a look on her main webpage by clicking the banner just bellow 

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