mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Femme Fatale latest October Releases

               - FEMME FATALE FILM -

                                     "OFFICE BITCH"

                                                   Featuring Mistress Krush
That is an awesome video! The delicious Mistress Krush is a boss who never allows any smaller mistake from her employees! This one will know it in Mistress Krush Office! You can have a view on that FREE TRAILER and GALLERY PREVIEW
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                                              "COLD AND HARD"
Featuring Mistress Suki

It is not so easy for a slave to facing Mistress Suki! Especially when she holds a cane in hand! This slave will learn how cold and hard the strict Mistress is! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Gosh! When the superb Blond Dominatrix Mistress Eleise de Lacy is dealing with a slave! For sure, he will not take a sit for a while! The blond Mistress will taste her single tail whip and then a large wooden paddle! You could see it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS
Featuring Mistress Nikki

An excellent video for the ball busting lovers! Mistress Nikki is a superb tall blond Dominatrix who knows how to treat bad slave when they play with their cock! You must see that FREE VIDEO TRAILER and PICS PREVIEW
Featuring Mistress Nikki
Sluts are always good to use for servitude and when they serve Mistress Nikki, it is not rare they get punished! An awesome video featuring that gorgeous Mistress using her Sissy Maid as ashtray, as shoes licker and hardly spanking him without any mercy! You could discover it on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER and PIC PREVIEW!!!

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