vendredi 25 octobre 2013

                    LAST RELEASES

                                "SLAVE WHIPPING"

Very fascinating Photo galley! Look at at gorgeous blond Mistress whipping her slave! The whipping is very hard and the Mistress very merciless! FREE PHOTO GALLERY
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                                                "THE LOST SLAVE"

The Lost Slave falls on two cruel Mistresses who will whip him!! The slave is suspended and will dance Under two single tails! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS PREVIEW
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                                                  "STEPFATHER IS FUCKED"
 When a Young and beautiful girl wear strap on with a huge dildo she swill plug on her stepfather ass! I will be strongly humiliating for him! WATCH THAT FREE PHOTO GALLERY PREVIEW
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                            "THE DEVILISH SISTERS BOOTSLAVE"
 Two sisters are dealing with a slave they will hardly humiliate and force him to lick their shoes and boots! Very nice film! HAVE A LOOK ON THAT FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PICS GALLERY
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                                "THE DOMINANT FETISH MODEL"
A pretty fetish model is coming for a photoshoot by a very special fetish photographer! But she will teach him who is ruling with nice boots worship and good humiliation! Have a look on that FREE VIDEO TRAILER & PHOTO GALLERY
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