samedi 25 janvier 2014

                LAURENT LEBEAU 
        3D E-BOOK Now released!!!

Waiting for the paper book which will be soon printed and distributed, You could discover those both ARTBOOKS as 3D book you could get online!

                                                          "SLAVE VIEWS"
This 134 pages book and E-Book is a wonderful journey accross Laurent Lebeau's Fantasy with near 90 Black and Red artwork. You will watch each ot hose illustrations like you really is that slave. It's a subtle play of counter diving sights and mirror game! This book has required More than 6 month of work for the artist! We do not have the price for the paper book but the E-BOOK will be €25 payable by Paypal

                     "THE BEST OF LAURENT LEBEAU ART"
This is the INDISPENSABLE!!! 160 Pages of pure FEMALE DOMINATION Illustrations which celebrate the 20 Years of Laurent Lebeau creations! The artist is releasing the most beautiful artworks he has done for U.S and European  Magazine publishers, websites, his self publication and other writers. A good 200 illustrations are displayed.
The 3D E-BOOK will be avialble soon for the price of €35 payable via PAYPAL
                                                   ORDER HERE

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