vendredi 17 janvier 2014

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                     " THE BEST OFF LAURENT LEBEAU"
 This is a 160 Pages FEMDOM Illustrations book which celebrate the 20 years of creations the French artist has made during his career! Near 200 full coloured and Black & White illustrations about Female Domination are displayed! Many of them were published in the U.S and Europe!
                                                          The price is €59 or $65

                                                          "SLAVE VIEWS"
Laurent Lebeau has created near 90 artworks for that Artbook you may include to your private fetish Library! "SLAVE VIEWS" is a true devotion to the Female Domination! Some existing Mistress Portraits are displayed! All is sketched in a basic Black, Grey and Red color and the sceneries are set up like you trully were that slave! Many counter-diving like if you were at the feet of those Mistresses! A major part of those illustration involve game of Mirror and it is full of kinky feelings!
 This is a 134 pages Artbook and you could discover some parts of Laurent's book "Confession of a Man Kneeled down"
                                                 Price is €49 or U.S $55

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