samedi 20 août 2016

Just Released!!! 
The 7th issue of our main magazine is just released and its contents are always exciting and kinky
Don't miss the stunning Mistress Cyber from New Orleans/New York City in interview, a rememberance of OWK, an introduction of new Laurent Lebeau's project "The Fortress of Madam Yo", a hommage to Eric Stanton & Milo Manara, A History chapter with the famous femme fatale and Erszebet Bathory! And much more...
Purchase it 5€ via Paypal ordered

Our official Bottom Up Magazine Mistress is joining us...
Yes! Our delicious Asian Mistress becomes our privileged Domme for our publication. In fact, she will get her pages on Bottom Up mag where she could express herself and answer to your questions. Mistress Charlyn is our ambassador!   

in project and help wanted! 
As you noticed, our main website is a bit frozen, but don't panic! We are working on a new one which will be more professional and clear. we strongly need a webmaster to create a new one where you could read online our publications and videos
please contact us 

Pretty soon in Japan!
It's such a big adventure waiting us! next month I am going to Osaka and believe me, i am totally excited! Be advised the next issue of our magazine will be dedicated to japanese FemDom with a total insertion to the famous Fetishi'SM Mistress Club and meeting Mistress Kira. Then we will have to visit an artist of the underground scene and involve into manga Cosplay world! 
keep your eyes open! 

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