mardi 6 septembre 2016

                       Next Week End 
                    BarBar BKK Fetish BDSM Club
                                          Patpong 2

Our Lovely Mistress Ambassador of Bottom Up Magazine is actually taking her black wings to the conquest of the World. This next week end she will be in Bangkok next September 9th at our friends fetish club BarBar. 
She will perform "Behind the Curtain Hidden pleasures" and she will accept application of well devoted slaves and sissies during this time! Soon
                             Please contact Her at: 

                   Next Week with FETISHI'SM Mistress Club 
                                    and Mistress Kira
Yes, we are flying next Monday September 12th from Paris to Osaka to make that special Bottom Up Magazine Japan which will be rich on Japanese Femdom contents. However, excepted the fact we will meet the infamous Mistress Club "Fetishi-SM" and the lovely Dominatrix Mistress Kira and her Domme friends, we are in the search of BDSM artists, boutiques... to talk about our next issue. We can say we are really excited to go Japan and meet these awesome people in Osaka!!! 
              PM us to: 

                          ABC&D New E-books
The special Ageplay - Forced Age regression and ABDL publication has just released 2 new books in its boutique 
                             ABs Discipline Illustrations book is a 160 page photo-montage on Photoshop depicting naughty ABs and sissified ones getting  humiliated and disciplined by lovely ABsitters, Nannies and cruel Dommes - After the little success of the illustrated book "Turned into Lil'Ones" There is a second edition of the best Laurent Lebeau artworks. Its a 96 pages full of illustrations the artist will use for short stories and novels.  


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