samedi 17 septembre 2016

Exceptional meeting with
Yes! We are well arrived in Japan since 5 days and let me tell you we have met such wonderful Japanese kinky people in Osaka! Especially that delicious, exuberant and kinky Dominatrix: Mistress Rika! She is one of the most important and well involved Fetish person. Always dominant with a good sens of humour! Bottom Up Magazine (And the French one "Dressage Fanzine" has reserved a major part of its pages for her! You will discover she is a talented Mistress, performer and artist! She is on the lead of the infamous place Oriental Bondage Bar Augone and it was such a great pleasure for me to have met her! At the mean time, you can reach her on
  Facebook: Domina Rika :

Yes! If you decide to have a little tour in Osaka! Don't miss this place! As I say, there are Bondage bars and.... Bondage Bar! This one is simply gorgeous and it is held by real fetish people who are in the sin. This is the main base of Mistress Rika. We are warmed by their welcome and your pretty attention. Everyday, the Oriental gives bondage show, mainly performed by Mistress Rika  and we can say those show are really awesome! People are kind and the staff very nice. You don't speak Japanese! Don't panic! Few days a week, american staff are working and servicing!
I was so touched and I so adored the place that I decided to write a complete review about Oriental Bondage Bar Augone.
  It is based near Namba Nakai Train station. Map and more info

      OSAKA ART EVENT @ Oriental Bondage Bar Augone: Sept 20 to 24 2016
Yes, that will be an awesome event! Mistress Rika and her friend Kaori Maeda are offering a nice art exhibition to Oriental Bondage Bar Augone & Rainbow Kitchen (Namba area) with several
underground and fetish local artists, including MYSELF!
If you are in Osaka or around! Please come to support our Japanese Artist friends and the nice supporting Mistress Rika has for the art! A complete reveiw of that event will be published in our Magazine. You can have more information on Mistress Rika social networks (see on the top) and

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