jeudi 4 juillet 2013

E-BOOK by Laurent LEBEAU

                  NEW! NEW! NEW!

              NEW FEMDOM E-BOOK
                     by Laurent LEBEAU

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                         Comic E.Book "THE MISTRESS"
 A wonderful, large size, cartoon book about a Re-form School, a French version of Miss Prim‟s Muir Academy, staffed by pretty, demanding girls, where an adult boy comes to adore one of the Mistresses. Laurent Lebeau has also drawn other booklets for The Academy Club: Double Punishment, (with accompanying story by Sarah Robinson), A Bad Day For Jack; Baby School and Schoolgirl Paul

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                             Comic " SCHOOLGIRL PAUL"

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Endearing black and white comic strip detailing Paul's adventures at a school for adult boys, girls and special girls. Forced into girls' clothes, spanked, whipped and caned by glamorous lady teachers, Paul learns proper feminine behaviour.The interview may have been short, but it had been very memorable. Paul, now Betty, was proud to have been accepted into this school and looked forward to many more visits. 40 full pages of illustration with text bubbles.
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                                                         EMAILED E.BOOKS

                          " DISCIPLINE THE ADULT LIL'ONES"
 Pot Pourri of 3 FULL ILLUSTRATED STORIES for the ones who love forced age regression and old fashioned discipline! The E-Book features the following titles
                                       - A Severe Day with Ms Eva Bliss
                                      - ABC & D the AB Discipline institut
                                       - Adult Toddler strictly disciplined in the Dungeon
                                     "DRESSAGE"   Part 1  
 This E-Book is for the ones who love FEMDOM Supremacy and true slavery! 3 Full Illustrated stories are diplayed as
                                - The Slaves Auction
                               - Mistress Kim needs a Little Poddle
                               - The Slave Prison

                         "THE SISSIES PARLOR"
The Sissies Parlor is an E-Book reserved for the lovers of Forced Sissification and Maid servitude. Dominatrix turn their submale into Sissy Maid or Lil'Girl and they train them for servitude with a lot of humiliation and pain! Have fun! This book includes
                                              - Mistress is Upset
                                              - Dance for me Little Slut!
                                              - Chosen to suffer

              All those E-Book are published on very nice designed pages   (see example bellow)
Each E-BOOK is sold for US$10 payable via PAYPAL on the following email address

                                         COMING SOON !!!
Many other E-Books will be soon published, like "SPANK" Keep in touch
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