mardi 2 juillet 2013

July last videos releases


                                " SUCK, SNIFF AND LICK"
                                 Featuring Mistress Ella Kros

      Let me tell you I am a great supporter of that awesome red haired Mistress! On that video, she is using her slave as licker and sucker! The slave should worship his Mistress with his tongue, his nose and his lips! You will discover it on that FREE PREVIEW TRAILER & GALLERY
                                                               CLICK HERE


                                " THE WORSHIP HOIST"
                             Featuring Mistress Ezada Sinn
 Mistress Ezada Sinn is a delicious Latino petite dominatrix and she knows how to deal with
devoted naked slave. She will suspend this one and she will tease him with her wondeful high heeled shoes! Humiliation and pain in on program
  FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY are available on the website
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                                                ... Then....

                                "DON'T LIE TO ME"
                             Featuring Mistress Athena
 I am pretty sure you will love that film! Lot of men loves to be interrogated by a strict Woman! Mistress Athena knwos how to make talk slave and the pain will be great
                                          CLICK HERE

                                                     And then...

                                   "PINK PEGGING"
                       Featuring Mistress Eleize de Lacy

Femme Fatale Films well known Mistress Eleize is dealing with a slut she will use for her personal pleasure! The stunning blond Dominatrix knows to combinate pain and humiliation and she will fuck that sissy slut with impressing strap on belt! FREE PREVIEW VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY
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                                                          And then....

                               " BE MY BOOT SLAVE"
                              Featuring Mistress Ella Kros
Frankly! I will beg Mistress Ella Kros to fall on my all four and worship her impressing boots, to suck her dizziness high heels. It will be your duty too, by listening her commands and what she wants exactly! A good Dressage Methode. FREE PREVIEW TRAILER & PICS
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