vendredi 12 juillet 2013

"SLAVE VIEW" Laurent Lebeau
                   Artbook on the good way!!!
                                   Art For Sale
 Near 40 artworks are already created for the artbook of Laurent Lebeau. This is a subtle and magnificient game of Black, White, Red and Grey colours! Laurent is expressing his deepest fanatasies, putting his eyes on divine Mistresses. many of them include game of mirors...
 ... And all slaves and other submissives will have the feeling they are watching themselve! Those artworks met a nice success during the promotion on social networks as fetlife and Facebook!
Some of them are already owned in New York. Few of the originals will be featured at La Domaine Esemar, nder the good hands of Master R. 6 of them are already reserved for the Baroque Mansion in
If you want collect few of them! The remaining work is available for sale! It will be a great help for the artist to make print the artbook! Each artworks are sold for €250.
Be sure it will be a nice decoration in your dungeon room!
You can contact BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE for more info
The special "Slave View" artworks will be soon umploaded in Laurent Lebeau web blog

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