jeudi 18 juillet 2013


                                     "THE LOST SLAVE"
Two stunning blonde Mistress has found a slave in the nature. He was lost! A slave remain a slave and it's a Lucky day for the both Mistresses who could abuse this slave! Have a FREE VIDEO & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                                     "THE LAZY SLAVE"

A Mistress catches her slave misbehaving and disobeying! The only good solution! BULL WHIP!!!
Have a view on that superb FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW !!!
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                                               "THE DIRT FROM THE STREET"

It's the duty of a slave! That gorgeous Mistress knows it! She comes back from the street and she will use her slave to clean her boots! Enjoy that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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                                         PHOTO GALLERY
Discover that generous photo gallery! A stunning blond Mistress in black leather punishes her slave with severity
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                                        "DIRTY BOOT SLAVE"

That awesome black leathered Dominatrix will use her slave as boots cleaner! She goes to use his tongue for clean all the dirt! FREE VIDEOCLIP and GALLERY PREVIEW
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                       "WHIPPING THE STABLE SLAVE"

An strict English Mistress is whipping her slave in the stable! The punishment is really hard! Have a look on that FREE VIDEOCLIP & GALLERY PREVIEW
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